As MEFA GROUP Human Resources; We are dedicated to establish and continuously develop a competent / well-equipped team. A team which works in line with MEFA GROUP’s ethical values, 100% loyal to its institution and customer(s), highly motivated and performance oriented.

Life at Mefa

Being a MEFA employee means developing professional relationships based on love, respect, and trust, working for the common goal, aiming for sustainable growth in everything we do, and constantly improving ourselves.

We work together to improve our environment, where our employees are bonded together, happy with their job, proud of their workplace, loyal to their organization and customer brands, and where they work in full harmony and cooperation with their colleagues.

Thanks to motivating values, MEFA GROUP creates a strong employer brand with its creative ideas and ensures the happiness and development of its employees. We aim at the understanding of happy employees and happy customers. We keep the motivation at the highest level with the understanding of a libertarian working environment and the philosophy of team work.

Equality at Mefa

At MEFA GROUP, our employees are our most valuable asset. Therefore it is our priority that we do not allow discrimination of any kind. As a result, we create a secure and respectful work environment for our employees.

Providing equal opportunity to everyone at our organization is one of our fundamental principles. As a fruit of this principle, we are able to make sure that any form of discrimination is avoided at MEFA Group. We are proud of our differences and see them as an opportunity to provide a competitive advantage at MEFA Group. Our equality principle forms the building blocks of the Human Resources Department at MEFA Group. Based on this principle, we recruit, promote, transfer, terminate, provide leave, and train.

As MEFA Group, we know the importance of women's participation in the workforce for sustainable growth and development, and we believe that we will become a stronger institution by supporting them.

For this reason, we offer equal opportunities to women in our recruitment, promotion, remuneration and all other processes, and we always review our working conditions. We make our employees, who are happy to become mothers, comfortable in these processes. In order to bring new perspectives to the organization, we encourage an increase in the number of female employees at management levels.

First Step at Mefa

If you are good at teamwork and do your job with 100% dedication, if you question yourself only to improve, you commit to your promise, and support your colleagues in all circumstances, you should be a part of the MEFA family.

Our recruitment process ensures the right candidate is placed to the right position with a transparent and consistent evaluation process in line with our equality principle. We evaluate our candidates based on their knowledge, experience, and competencies for the respective position.

Internship Opportunities

Our internship program aims to give our internees hands-on experience to get a taste of business life and add to their knowledge and skills.

We provide internship opportunities to university students during June, July, and August. For vocational school students, we offer internship opportunities in line with their curriculum requirements.

We accept internship applications through various career portals and our website every year in March and April and evaluate applications in accordance with available positions.

The evaluation process of high school student internees is completed by their schools and their teachers.

Ready to get started at MEFA Group?