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MEFA started its operations for white goods industry in 2006 as steel wire supplier for dishwasher baskets .Today, MEFA Group has become one of the leading manufacturer of the industry after implementing many investments with high level of automation & integration within last 15 years.

Having production facilities across 5 locations in Turkey with a closed area of 65,000 m2 and more than 2,000 employees, MEFA is one of the top manufacturers of wire products such as dishwasher racks and oven-grids in Europe for white goods industry. Furthermore, MEFA has a unique position in the market thanks to his diversified and wide range of high-quality products and raw material production capabilities. Besides wire products, MEFA also provides high volumes of EPS packaging and insulation products, Rubber Injection parts, assembly of cooked-top units. Plastic Compunds & EPDM Rubber Compounds are the major raw material production of MEFA Group.

MEFA Group, over the years, has accumulated substantial experience and engineering capabilities to perform R&D activities in related fields. In recent years, Mefa has started to use these talents to serve for automotive and aerospace industries as well.

MEFA Group's business philosophy is based on key corporate values which are being customer-oriented and having a flexible & innovative mindset, providing environmentally friendly & sustainable practices by respecting all stakeholders and human values.

In light of these key values, MEFA Group's prior corporate vision is to become a global solution partner and establish long-lasting collaborations with major companies of the industry.

Our History


MEFA was estableshed in Ankara for providing wire straightening and cutting processes in Ostim Industrial Zone for Arçelik.


Welded and PA coated Dishwasher Basket production started at Sincan Industrial Zone in Ankara.


Ankara Factory is enlarged and total area is doubled.


Oven girds production lines, Nickel-Chrome plating plant was established in Ankara


Global supplier status was approved BSH. First overseas shipments were realized.


Polyethylene coated refrigerator shelf production started.


Eskişehir Plant for EPS Production was commissioned.


  • Production started at Tekirdağ Factory . 
  • Electrolux Global Supplier approval received
  • Gebze- Kocaeli Factory launched for rubber products


  • Assembly of Cooked-Top started at Bolu factory.
  • Commissioning of new NiCr coating line at Bolu Factory
  • Investment made for plastic compound production in Gebze


  • Plastic raw material production started at Gebze Factory
  • First overseas subsidary opened in Romania
  • Start of oven grid production for Austria Würth Group-Grass company


Agreement made with Candy Group / Haier Europe for dishwasher basket and EPS products.


  • Moving to a new factory in Eskişehir.
  • 16949 certification process.started and first contract was made for automative industry.

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Our Customers